Papaya the Power Plant

Papaya, peels, seeds, fruit, leaves

Papaya, the medicinal plant revered in ancient cultures, has so many wonderful aspects that we dedicate a few extra pages to it.

Immature, still green or mature, the papaya has something to offer in all conditions. The fruits are known to be delicious and contain papain, carotene, vitamin C and they taste delicious. Did you know that papaya is related to melon?
In addition to papain, green fruit peels and leaves also contain a lot of carpain.
And the dark papaya seeds are also full of papain, they taste slightly like pepper and thus can be used for seasoning.
Both are considered powerful helpers in folk medicine.

If you chew about 5 to 8 of the seeds several times a day, your body gets a special, unique combination of active ingredients. Chewing them develops a pleasant, slightly peppery taste that provides fresh breath. And benefits the intestine.

Healthy gut - healthy person

Papaya seeds have an activating and warming effect on the organism. You will feel noticeably fresh and dynamic.
Their effects in the mouth ensure fresh breath (against bad breath).
Papaya kernels contain protein and fat-splitting enzymes, vitals and fibers, including mustard oils in high concentration, and the aforementioned papain.
They clear up putrefactive processes in the intestine, help the intestinal milieu, remove deposited fats from the body and lead them to the liver for burning. Papaya kernels are known as natural intestinal cleaners and as fat burners among primitive people.

Beauty from the inside out

A noticeable feeling of wellbeing in the whole body.
If you use them as a spice instead of pepper, please do not boil them, otherwise the active ingredients will be destroyed.

The Aborigines in Australia and the Kahunas in Hawaii use green papaya peels for a brew that they believe has powerful effects.
Most of the enzymes are found in the unripe papaya and in the seeds of the ripe fruit.
The unripe papaya is the only unripe fruit that makes the body alkaline (and many diseases only thrive in an acidic environment ...)

And here is another application of the papaya seeds
a natural, completely side effect free contraceptive method for men.

It is successfully practiced in several African and Far Eastern countries - do nothing more than chew about a teaspoon of papaya seeds daily. The active substances can apparently literally dissolve sperm. In an experiment with male monkeys, feeding papaya seeds led to the monkey's ejaculate being free of sperm. If papaya seeds are chewed over a longer period of time and daily, they represent an effective and at the same time harmless method of male contraception, but the reliable contraceptive effect only begins after a start-up period of three full months.

It is even said that regular consumption of papaya fruits activates love life, strengthens the liver and nervous system, lightens the mood, stimulates hair growth and regenerates muscles, nerves and cells, i.e. has rejuvenating effects.

In her book "Healing with papaya the miracle fruit" Barbara Simonsohn quotes a doctor who has the following opinion on papaya cures: "Papaya vitalizes the cells and acts on them like the long-awaited rain on a dry piece of land." You need less sleep, feel mentally alert, overall in a better mood and - early in the morning - considerably fitter! Even in ancient Chinese medical books, papaya was referred to as the ?fruit of long life? and Vasco da Gama called it the ?tree of eternal youth?.

Here are a few recipes from primitive people:

In his book in "Papaya The Medicine Tree" Harald W. Tietze describes a recipe as follows:
Cut several medium-sized papaya leaves and place in a saucepan with 2 liters of water. Bring water and leaves to the boil and simmer without a lid until the water is reduced by half. Sieve the liquid or pour it through a filter and fill into glass bottles.
We recommend the Flaska for this.
The concentrate can be kept in the refrigerator for 3-4 days. If it gets cloudy, it should be thrown away.
The recommended dosage in the book is 3 tablespoons (50ml) 3 times a day. We recommend reading the book "Papaya The Medicine Tree" for interesting reports from "terminally ill" people who got well with this extract.

Papaya seeds drink

Mix 2-3 bananas and 20-40 papaya seeds with the juice of 4 oranges, a dash of lemon juice and fresh ginger and mix again.

Papaya vinegar
Fill a mason jar with green papaya peel strips two thirds. Add high quality vinegar until the fruits are completely covered. Leave to rest for at least 4 weeks.
Can be added to bath water (1-2 cups) or used for wound dressings (diluted 1: 3 with water).

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