Guarana energy activator

Since the guarana caffeine is bound to tannins, the caffeine effect is delayed and therefore lasts longer.

This makes Guarana so popular.

Unlike coffee, it builds up slowly and disintegrates slowly - a wake-up and energy activator that still allows for sleep, enhancing bodybuilding and fitness building.
Any healthy person can take Guarana, it is - in contrast to coffee - non addictive but a daily dose of 6 grams should not be exceeded.
In South America, Guarana is often taken as a natural aphrodisiac and against signs of aging. Guarana can lift the mood, who suffers from mood swings should try it. For athletes, Guarana powder is suitable to increase endurance and performance.
To achieve this, you should take Guarana one hour before the workout and, if necessary, a smaller dose during the workout.

Guarana can have a positive effect on memory during exams.

In the work process, it can have a positive effect on mental and physical performance and make you less sensitive to stress.
Guarana naturally suppresses appetite, which is why it is prefered to other appetite suppressants.
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