MSM, organic sulfur, methylsulfonylmethane, pure, no additives,

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MSM, pure, without additives: organic sulfur - methylsulfonylmethane

No synthetic anti-clumping agents
MSM is important for the immune system and body protein. Organically bound sulfur for skin, hair, nails and more, much more!

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MSM, pure, without additives: organic sulfur - methylsulfonylmethane

No synthetic anti-clumping agents
MSM is important for the immune system and body protein. Organically bound sulfur for skin, hair, nails and more, much more!

Our MSM powder is GMO free and is obtained by crystallization.
The original material is pine bark from the USA.

Sulfur is the least researched nutrient, although the human body is made up of 0.2 percent sulfur, five times more than magnesium and forty times more than iron! Sulfur ensures that energy production runs smoothly at the cellular level, drives the metabolism together with the B vitamins and thus increases the fitness and energy level of the person concerned.

Sulfur deficiency is widespread without most people being aware of it.

MSM can remedy deficiencies and provide you with the much-needed sulfur.
MSM is the organic sulfur compound that can supply the body with valuable natural sulfur.

Sulfur is an essential element. Why?

Sulfur is a key component of enzymes and hormones (e.g. insulin), especially glutathione, the most important amino acid that the body uses as its strongest antioxidant, and many other vital amino acids (e.g. cysteine, methionine, taurine). These amino acids are powerful antioxidants. If they are not built up due to a lack of sulfur, the body's defenses decrease. Glutathione acts against free radicals and is even considered to be one of the most powerful antioxidants. If sulfur is missing, glutathione is also missing and the immune system suffers.

Our body's protein is also made up of sulfur-containing amino acids. Sulfur bridges (bonds between two sulfur particles) determine the structure of the enzymes and proteins. Without these sulfur bridges, enzymes and proteins are still produced, but they have a different structure and are biologically inactive, i.e. they do not fulfill their functions. If the organism is supplied with MSM, active enzymes and perfect proteins can be formed.

The trace element selenium is also dependent on sulfur, so that it can help with defense, protect against free radicals and can fulfill its important function for the eyes, the walls of the vessels and connective tissue.
The means of transport for selenium, methionine, urgently needs sulfur. Without methionine there is no selenium transport and therefore the body's own defenses are low.

MSM regulates gastric acid production

Thus the nutrients can better be used.

Cartilage and joints benefit from an adequate supply of sulfur

Sulfur is important in the synovial fluid and the inner layer of our joint capsules, because both are constantly renewed like the saliva in the mouth. However, only if sulfur is present.

MSM for your beauty: collagen, elastin, keratin

Sulfur ensures soft skin, healthy hair and firm fingernails. Hair and nails consist mainly of the resistant protein keratin. 
Your body needs sulfur to be able to produce all the proteins that are important for the skin - whether collagen, elastin or keratin.
If this is not sufficiently available, the skin becomes rough and wrinkled. Nails become brittle, hair becomes brittle.
As soon as sulfur comes in, your skin regenerates and its elastic, original state is restored. Nails grow back smoothly and hair becomes full and shiny.

MSM for optimal brain function

The neurotransmitters in the brain ensure that it processes everything quickly, completely and in an orderly manner. These messenger substances ensure smooth communication between the cells. MSM is also necessary for the construction of these neurotransmitters. With enough organic sulfur, there are also sufficient building materials for neurotransmitters. Thus you are balanced again, can concentrate excellently, are awake and clear. Even anxiety or depression can go away with regular MSM care.

Vitamins work better with MSM

MSM improves the permeability of the cell membranes. As a result, nutrients are better absorbed by the cells and excess metabolic products and waste materials are better discharged from the cells. MSM therefore increases the effects of many vitamins and other nutrients.

Research shows reports from many people around the world who have had good experiences with MSM.

Usable sulfur only in fresh, raw, unstored food

You often read that sulfur is found in high concentration in milk, meat, and coffee.
But only in real raw milk, raw meat, raw, i.e. unroasted and unheated coffee, fruits, vegetables and algae.
All of this would have to come from organic farming and you would have to eat huge amounts of it: fresh and raw. Because with storage and further processing the sulfur decreases rapidly, because it - like many vitamins and enzymes - is sensitive to heat, cold, and oxygen.
So cooking, roasting, baking, grilling, braising, freezing, makes MSM disappear.

On the move with MSM

If the body is supplied with sulfur, this can boost performance and well-being.

Organic sulfur should not be confused with the toxic sulfur dioxide emissions from traffic and industry that cause acid rain. Also please do not be confused with the sulfurization of dried fruits, wine and vinegar from conventional production. These are sulfites or sulphurous acids. MSM has nothing to do with these harmful sulfur compounds.

On the contrary:
Taking MSM can lead to clear detoxification symptoms!

Within the first week of taking MSM regularly, about 20 percent of people experience detoxification symptoms such as rashes, headache, diarrhea or energy loss.
Then - often after just three weeks - you will notice the first positive effects.
If you also take care of an abundant supply of vitamin C - ideally with Camu-Camu or rosehip powder you can increase the effect of MSM.

How to use MSM

Pure MSM forms white, odorless, slightly bitter-tasting crystals that look similar to sugar or salt, but taste bitter. So it's best to mix it with fruit juice or yogurt.
With the dosage of MSM you can control the strength of the detoxification symptoms. The less MSM, the weaker the symptoms and the slower the toxins are excreted. The higher the dose of MSM, the faster the detoxification and its manifestations, test it out!

For prevention

For example, Body weight 60 kg: 1 level teaspoon (approx. 4 g) in the morning and evening with meals, dissolved in water or fruit juice. 
Why morning and evening?
Because the body cannot store sulfur. After 12 hours, the sulfur has evaporated in the body and can no longer be used. In addition, immediately drink a large glass of clear spring water that does not contain chlorine, as water is urgently needed to convert the organic sulfur in the body! It is best to take water from the Flaska. Then drink 1.5 to 2.5 l of spring water (from the Flaska) during the day, in addition to all other liquids (herbal or black tea, soups). Sweeten with erythritol or, even better, probiotic with Yacon syrup. Do not store in aluminum pots or pots that contain tin.
There are no known side effects.
Nevertheless, always get medical advice.

Please note

Do not consume tap water with chlorine up to 1/2 hour after taking the MSM, nor any other nutritional supplements, medication or substances that contain additives. Wait at least an hour before brushing your teeth with a fluorine-containing toothpaste.
Organic sulfur should always be taken in the morning and evening,
We recommend a three-month course that can be resumed at any time.
Since MSM is a mineral, it can also be taken over a longer period of time.

MSM for animals

For cats and dogs only for use in compound feed. Mixed with the feed, the slightly bitter taste is neutralized.
Animals can suffer from sulfur deficiency if they rarely or never get raw fish or meat.
MSM is lost when these foods are heated or dried.
The dose should start low and increase slowly.
For cats of 0.5 - 7.5 kg: 150 mg in the morning or in the evening - start with 75 mg.
For cats 8-15 kg: 225 mg in the morning or in the evening - start with 115 mg.

Notes: In order to be able to work optimally, MSM should be taken daily and over a longer period of time. It is generally recommended to take a natural vitamin C (Camu-Camu or rosehip powder) at the same time, as with Vit.C the desired effects occur more quickly. The first positive results should be noticed within three weeks.

Bashar recommends taking 2-3 g of MSM with 2-3 g of vitamin C (Camu-Camu or rosehip powder) daily, mixed three times a day, in the morning, at noon and in the evening. If necessary, this can be doubled.

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