Sangre de Grado Powder Dragon Blood, Croton lechleri from wild collection

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Sangre de Grado Powder 50g Dragon Blood, Croton lechleri from wild collection

Sangre de Grado powder, ground natural latex of the dragon blood tree
100% pure latex powder of the Croton lechleri.
It has been used for centuries by the indigenous people of South America as a means of well-being.

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Pure latex powder of Croton lechleri, Sangre de Grado.

Sangre de Grado powder has been used for centuries by the indigenous people, the Oriente people of South America, to maintain or restore health. Shamanic incense applications have also been passed down.
The powder from the Amazon rainforest should not be confused with the dragon's blood powder, a substance from a palm tree (Daemonorops), which comes from Asia.

application areas

• wounds
• insect bites
• itching
• fungal infections
• hemorrhoids
• antibacterial, antiviral
• oral and dental hygiene
• herpes
• respiratory infections
• anti-inflammatory
• antioxidant
• redness
• nail fungus
• skin fungus
• nerve pain, nerve inflammation
• tooth extractions
• blood purifying
• fever
• vaginal infections
• insect bites
• stomach disorders
• intestinal problems

Recommendation for use of the dragon's blood powder:

  • Add 5 grams of the powder to a cup of water, drink 1-3 times a day.
  • A few grams into warm water for hip baths and disinfection.
  • Apply externally dissolved in oil, repeat the rubbing 2-4 times a day.
  • As a beauty cream: mix 4% with skin cream or skin me.

Immediately applied to abrasions or cuts, the powder dries quickly and forms a reddish film that seals the wound like a second skin and protects against the penetration of germs. In addition, Sangre de Grado contains the rare alkaloid taspin, which helps close the wound. The effect of Taspin has been scientifically proven. Also, renowned universities proved that dragon's blood supports the formation of scabs and promotes the formation of new tissue and can prevent scarring.

It can also be used as a mouthwash: dissolve a few grams in a glass of warm water, gargle with it and spit it out.

Croton lechleri latex powder is very color intensive, difficult to remove from textiles and non-smooth surfaces. Keep out of reach of children. Do not expose to direct sunlight or excessive heat, always close tightly or it will attract moisture and clump.


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