Mate Certified organic, green, raw, air-dried, unroasted, 100g leaves cut from Brazil.

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Certified organic Yerba Mate Leaves, cut (Mate Fol. BIO conc. Ilex paraguariensis)

from Brazil, wild collection, pure quality, strong taste, medium strength

Our Certified organic mate tea impresses with medium strong taste and high potency
- vegan, without genetic engineering
- pure, natural certified organic mate leaves without additives
- a real health kick!

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Certified organic Yerba Mate Leaves, cut (Mate Fol. BIO conc. Ilex paraguariensis)

from Brazil, wild collection, pure quality, strong taste, medium strength
Our certified organic mate tea impresses with medium strength taste and high potency with a shelf life of at least two years.
- vegan, without genetic engineering
- pure, natural certified organic mate leaves without additives
- a real health kick!

The leaves of the mate tree contain about 4 - 8 % caffeine, coffee only 1.5 %!
In our organic mate tea are almost twice as many antioxidants as in green tea, which is already considered one of the best providers of antioxidants.

Mate tea is said to reduce high blood pressure, cholesterol, colon cancer, type II diabetes, obesity and osteoporosis.

Our BIO Yerba Mate contains health-boosting polyphenols, minerals and amino acids. In addition, it contains 24 vitamins, including vitamins A, B1, B2 and C. These active ingredients help prevent aging and many diseases.

Our BIO Mate helps digestion and fat burning and is a real natural product from the rainforest, with a slightly tart aroma, green and fresh with natural effect.

Vary your mate at the second or third infusion but once with our sugar-reduced organic coconut milk powder. An enchanting mix from the tropics! In this way you additionally stimulate thyroid and metabolism.

Yerba Mate contains about half as much caffeine as coffee. However, since mate does not contain acid, there is no rebellion in the stomach. In addition, the caffeine contained is partially bound to tannins, and therefore it is released in the body only slowly, so that the effect lasts up to 6 hours. Medical and health advisors recommend not to take more than 200 mg of caffeine a day, which is equivalent to about 4 cups of mate tea a day.

Yerba Mate has been known by Amazonian peoples for hundreds of years, as a pick-me-up during hunts and festivals, to keep awake and to curb the feeling of hunger.

And perhaps the effect will remind you of chocolate, because mate also contains theobromine, the happiness-inducing element in chocolate.

Drinking your mate an hour before exercise or bodybuilding will improve your endurance and performance.

Other names for mate: Jesuit, missionary, Paraguayan or Paranate tea, Yerba mate in Spanish, Erva mate in Portuguese, Chimarrão, Ilex paraguariensis.

Every healthy person can drink mate tea, it is - unlike coffee - not addictive, but a daily dose of max. 6 cups should not be exceeded.
In South America, mate is often taken as a natural aphrodisiac and against signs of aging. Mate can lift the mood, those who suffer from mood swings should try it.

For athletes, mate tea is suitable to increase endurance and performance.
For this purpose, you should drink Bio Yerba Mate a good hour before training, and if necessary, a smaller cup during training.
During exams, mate tea can have a positive effect on memory.
In the work process, it can have a positive effect on mental and physical performance and make you less sensitive to stress.
Mate tea naturally suppresses appetite, therefore it is preferable to other appetite suppressing preparations.

In order to additionally inhibit glucose (dextrose) absorption in the small intestine, which is good for blood sugar levels and relieves the pancreas, it is recommended to drink 1 liter of Lapacho tea (from the inner bark). Metabolism changes, cravings for sugar disappear, appetite normalizes. Combined with the improved oxygen supply and tissue regeneration, Lapacho turns out to be an ideal helper for overweight. In addition, Lapacho contains saponins in high levels, and xylodione.
After major alcohol consumption, it works great as a hangover killer.

Side effects:
Excessive consumption of mate tea (more than 6 cups daily) may cause nervousness and irritability.

Yerba Mate has been used in folk medicine in the Amazon region for centuries in a variety of ways. Since this plant is appreciated worldwide for its stimulating and enhancing properties, there are plantations in Brazil, Venezuela and Paraguay with organic or conventional cultivation.

The simplest preparation is mate as an infusion drink (sweeten with Erylite if desired). This drink has a stimulating effect similar to coffee and curbs hunger pangs. Therefore, it is often used for weight loss.
Since the caffeine in mate tea is bound to tannins, the effect of the caffeine is delayed and therefore lasts longer. This is what makes mate so popular: unlike coffee, it builds up slowly and dissipates just as slowly.
A stimulant and energy activator that still allows sleep, performance-enhancing in bodybuilding and fitness.

In folk medicine, mate is said to strengthen stamina in cases of physical weakness. It has a stimulating effect and curbs feelings of hunger and thirst. Therefore, always drink plenty of water with it when you indulge in mate.


Before treating yourself with medicinal herbs, please consult a trusted medical professional who is familiar with medicinal herbs.
The recipes and health tips presented here are only examples and do not replace a visit to the medical person of your confidence or in the healing practice. The information collected has been compiled to the best of our knowledge and belief, however, we do not accept any liability for any damage, of whatever nature, which may result directly or indirectly from the use of the medicinal herbs, fruits, seeds or roots presented here and their applications.

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