Zinc chelated with active enhancement, 30 mg zinc glycinate with ginger+pepper, 180 capsules

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Zinc chelated with active enhancement, 30 mg zinc glycinate with ginger+pepper, 180 capsules

Zinc chelate, 180 capsules, 30 mg zinc glycinate

30 mg bioavailable zinc per capsule

Strong acting zinc chelate glycinate for skin, hair, prostate, 30 mg elemental zinc with FOS, gingerols, pepper, amylase, fungal lactase, protease, lipase, cellulase.

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 Zinc chelate, 180 capsules, 30 mg zinc glycinate

30 mg bioavailable zinc per capsule

Powerful zinc chelate glycinate for skin, hair, prostate, 30 mg elemental zinc with FOS, gingerols, pepper, amylase, fungal lactase, protease, lipase, cellulase.
The essential mineral zinc chelated for optimal absorption into the body, advanced mineral nutrition.

What is chelated zinc?
Chelated zinc is a high quality form of the essential mineral zinc.
Chelated (bonded) minerals are minerals that are chemically bonded to another molecule (typically an amino acid). Endogenous chelation occurs during digestion when stomach acid and enzymes break down a protein into amino acid. Amino acids bind to minerals and help transport them through the intestinal walls.
However, the body is not very efficient at producing chelated minerals on its own. Therefore, this technology mimics the body's natural chelation process and provides optimally bioavailable chelated minerals. Glycine is one of the easily absorbed amino acids, so it is used here.

This Zinc Glycinate Chelate...

  • Has been produced under carefully controlled conditions,
  • has the best molar ratio of glycine to zinc,
  • is clinically researched and chemically validated,
  • is guaranteed pure and stable.

What are the main benefits of Zinc Glycinate Chelate?
Zinc is a trace mineral essential for growth, development and reproduction, as well as numerous bodily processes from eye health and immune function to the regulation of appetite, taste and smell.

It is required for the proper function of approximately 300 enzymes.
Zinc is an antioxidant, meaning it protects healthy cells from the potentially harmful effects of free radicals.

  • It is needed for the formation of superoxide dismutase (SOD), an important free radical scavenger in the body.
  • It supports healthy protein and DNA synthesis.
  • It supports prostate tissue health, sperm motility and testosterone metabolism.
  • It is involved in healthy insulin production.

To maintain immune strength, zinc is especially important in the elderly.
This zinc glycinate chelate...
Contains ginger root, black pepper (Piper nigrum), digestive enzymes and prebiotics to support absorption.

Exceptional quality at an exceptional price

Mineral zinc, what do we need it for?
To strengthen the defense system, during any form of physical stress, to support optimal carbohydrate digestion, during (high-performance) sports, to protect the prostate. Zinc chelate contains no allergens and additives and is suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

Zinc is an essential mineral that performs a very large number of bodily functions. This mineral acts as a cofactor for over eighty enzymes and maintains the structure of several non-enzymatic molecules as a link. Many of the enzymes for which zinc plays a role have a role in moving CO2 from the tissues to the lungs.
Forming muscles, growing hair, fathering children, healing wounds all work better with zinc, a mineral that is present in all cells, hopefully in sufficient amounts. Zinc is essential throughout the body, especially in the muscles. Zinc is important for cell division, wound healing, hair growth, blood sugar regulation and immune defense.

Zinc is an essential trace element
Our body cannot produce zinc itself, so we have to take it in through food. Zinc is a coenzyme that works as an auxiliary molecule with enzymes to heal wounds or make skin and hair, to make insulin to lower blood sugar. Men need zinc to make testosterone, and all humans need it to make muscle.

Zinc binds heavy metals
Working with the mineral selenium, zinc binds heavy metals like lead to keep your delicate nerve cells healthy.
Together with another enzyme, zinc helps break down alcohol. Good to know for hangovers.

Zinc and vitamin A for the eyes
Our senses need zinc, for example to smell and taste. But especially the eyes, because vitamin A can only be transported through the body with the help of zinc. Zinc is, so to speak, the cab with which vitamin A is transported from the liver to the retina.

How much zinc do we need daily?
Adults need between 8 and 11 mg of zinc, which is mostly absorbed through animal foods. We take in the most zinc through oysters, for example. Since men need zinc for the formation of testosterone, the oyster has its reputation as an aphrodisiac food quite rightly. However, it is cheaper to take a zinc capsule "before".
Too much is also unhealthy: make sure not to take more than 30 mg of zinc daily.

Vegan Sources of zinc
are wheat germ
or raw (unroasted) cacao, or also pea protein.

Under what conditions do we need more zinc than usual?
When we sweat, we lose zinc through sweat, then we need to supplement zinc. Stress also consumes a lot of zinc.
When we have digestive problems, diarrhea and a strong urge to urinate, zinc is excreted too quickly, as well as when we have inflammatory conditions in the intestines. People with diabetes should also watch their zinc levels.
People living vegan and zinc

If you live vegan, you need extra zinc.
Keep in mind that while the vegan foods listed above contain a lot of zinc, your body can only absorb about 20% of it. This is because the small intestine can only release it well from plant sources if you eat little or no phytates with the zinc-containing foods.

Therefore, eat sourdough bread rather than whole grain breads with yeast
Skip cola drinks altogether
Eat spinach, rhubarb and beet a few hours apart from the zinc-containing foods or enjoy almonds and peanuts with them, because the histidine and cysteine in them promote zinc absorption.
Berries, apples, pears and citrus fruits for dessert also increase zinc absorption with their citric acid.
Wine, black and green tea also contain phytates.
However, with matcha tea, the phytate content is more than offset by all the many other health benefits.
Matcha tea is considered the healthiest beverage in the world....

Please note the interactions
Zinc combinations can interact with medications. Therefore, please take your zinc capsules a few hours before or after taking antibiotics, rheumatism medications such as penicillamines, and diuretics such as thiazide diuretics.
If you are also taking iron, calcium, and copper, again, space them at least 6 hours apart from zinc intake.

Zinc supplements and colds
A 2012 study by the Cochrane Collaboration showed that daily 75 milligrams of zinc shortened the duration of colds by one day. However, this only happened if the supplement was taken within 24 hours of the onset of the first cold symptoms.

Who needs special doses of zinc?
Athletes, pregnant and nursing women, vegetarians and vegans.
Also people with chronic inflammatory bowel diseases.

Important, please note
Before self-medicating with dietary supplements, always ask the medical person you trust for advice first. Food supplements are not a substitute for a balanced and varied diet and a healthy lifestyle. Please ensure a varied and balanced diet and healthy Lifestyle.

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