Noni Organic Drained juice from Fiji, 1 l exquisite premium quality

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Noni Organic Drained juice from Fiji, exquisite premium quality

Noni, Morinda citrifolia, Indian mulberry, 100% natural Organic Noni Juice, drained, neither mashed nor pressed!

Nothing but sun-ripened Noni fruits!

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Noni Organic Drained juice from Fiji, exquisite premium quality

The Noni tree, Morinda citrifolia, Indian mulberry, grows in tropical regions of the South Sea, also in northern Australia. It is called "Aha" in India and used in Ayurveda. In temples you will find many noni trees, because they are considered inhabited by gods.

Noni juice is called "Kura" in Fiji where people have been drinking it every day since 2 millennia because of its wealth of vital substances. Almost every garden has a Noni tree. The clean environment in the natural rainforests of the Fiji Islands contributes to the quality of our organic noni juice.


100% natural Organic Noni Juice, drained, neither mashed nor pressed!

Nothing but sun-ripened Noni fruits!

No detours from fruit to bottle, only pure, paradisiacal environment in your bottle of Noni juice, undiluted and unadulterated, exclusively from the fruits of wild-growing noni trees.

No plantation product!

The fruits are collected by the locals daily by hand and taken to the sorting and juicing point, where they are washed and sorted out several times, so that only the best of the best fruits come to drip. This is the only way to get the best juice quality.

Components of our genuine organic noni juice

  • Hand selected organic fruits.
  • Manufacturing process and operation are constantly monitored.
  • 100% pure nature, undiluted
  • Verified safety and cleanliness in the manufacturing process.
  • Hand-picked, pre-ripe wild fruits are immediately cleaned and sorted.
  • Eight-week storage for ripening and dripping (the natural method of juicing is to drain the fruit).
  • The resulting Organic Noni fruit juice is pasteurized and bottled undiluted.
  • No additives, no water.
  • Only one single pasteurization.

No contaminants or residues, tested by the Department of Health Queensland / Australia

How to take your Organic Noni drip juice?

Before breakfast, 30 - 60 ml (3 - 6 tablespoons) daily, for immune enhancement also twice a day before meals. If the taste of the pure organic Noni juice is not so pleasant for you, just mix it with other juices.

How do you store our organic noni juice?

After opening the bottle please keep in the refrigerator, because untreated fruit juices otherwise ferment. And our organic noni juice is untreated, it is only pasteurized once before bottling.
No artificial preservatives are added. After opening, our Organic Noni juice will stay in the fridge for at least a month. Of course you will find the best before date on the lid. Each bottle with safety lock contains 1000 ml of original juice.

How do we produce noni juice?

To be true to the original method, noni fruit are picked shortly before maturity and matured in a special container, where the fruit juice is collected. It penetrates the thin skin of the noni fruit, the riper the fruit, the thinner the skin, the more juice exudes.

This process is called draining or dripping.

Within 8 weeks, the pulp liquefies. This is how the precious fruit it totally contained in the fruit juice. The natural content of acids, the low pH value, as well as the utmost cleanliness in production, prevent fermentation and spoilage of the noni juice during the post-ripening period. The juice darkens and gets its stability for a long shelf life. The taste becomes tolerable, fruity. Fermentation does not take place, no yeasts are added and no alcohol is formed.

What about those cheap noni juices?

There are lots of products in the market called noni juice. Artificial flavors or other juices are often added to avoid the original Noni taste, which you have to get used to in the beginning. Some companies still claim to offer natural noni juice. So read the label carefully.
Some manufacturers sell mixtures.
According to the information on the labels, these are additions of natural or artificial flavors. Such noni juice is pressed from ripe noni and pasteurized. This juice has a whitish-gray color, which turns into light brown after some time, it has only a limited shelf life and requires additional preservatives.
Reconstructed noni juice, which is made from dried, powdered noni fruits with the addition of water, fruit concentrates, preservatives and stabilizers, has also been available for some years.
There is also a newer method where noni-puree that has been deprived of water by heating, is produced. The puree is mixed with water, other fruit juices, preservatives and flavors, heated and bottled.

We believe in the traditional method

We offer ripened Organic Noni juice, 100% pure, without any ingredients. This noni juice has the original Noni taste and smell, which takes some time getting used to. Our quality conscious customers have become accustomed to the taste, and do not want to miss it anymore!

Content: 1 liter BIO Noni drained juice (morinda citrifolia).

No allergens included.


Cool, dry and out of reach of toddlers
Keep bottle in refrigerator after opening.

Dosage of our organic dripped Noni juice

30 ml - 60 ml (3 - 6 tablespoons) daily before breakfast. For special immunization needs 2 times daily.

Nutritional Information 100 ml (30 ml) Organic Noni Drained Juice

Calorific value 105 kJ / 25.07 (31.5 kJ / 7.52 kcal)
Fat <0.01 g (0.03 g), of which saturated fatty acids <0.01 g (0.03 g),
Carbohydrates 5.7 g (1.71 g),
Sugar 4 g (1.2 g),
Protein 5.77 g (1.73 g),
Sodium 28 mg (8.4 mg)

Shipping weight: 1,33 Kg
Product weight: 1,00 Kg
Contents: 1.000,00 ml

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