Cranberry halves Organic sweetened with cane sugar

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Organic Cranberry halves, sweetened with organic cane sugar

They are appreciated and loved worldwide, botanic name Vaccinium macrocarpon, Oxycoccus macrocarpus. They belong to the heather plants.

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Organic Cranberry halves, sweetened with organic cane sugar

They are appreciated and loved worldwide, botanic name Vaccinium macrocarpon, Oxycoccus macrocarpus. They belong to the heather plants.

Canberry has so much to offer

Due to the contained phytochemicals they are considered as an anti-aging miracle weapon.
Its effectiveness against urinary tract infections is proven because the contained tannins, proanthocyanidins (PAC), make it difficult for the bacteria to fix themselves in the bladder.
The berries can be processed into sauces, purees or as jam.
But raw to cereals, yogurt, and raw salads, they are the most popular.

Nutrients in Cranberries

  • high proportion of B vitamins
  • Vitamin E
  • potassium
  • very high vitamin C content

Cranberries - bioactive substances protect against diseases

For over 300 years, the American Indigenous peoples have appreciated the cranberries and their healing properties. Meanwhile, in many countries of the world, science has been researching its health benefits. Their health power is due to their high content of phytochemicals and antioxidants. These bioactive substances can protect the body from many diseases, e.g. urinary tract infections, bladder infections or gastritis. Thanks to their antioxidants, cranberries are among the real all-rounders of herbal remedies.

The tasty berries have a property that makes them unique:

Cranberries contain condensed tannins, known as proanthocyanidins, which prevent E. coli bacteria from adhering to the cells of the urinary tract and causing infections in the bladder, kidneys and prostate for up to 10 hours. Anyone who prevents urinary tract infections saves many antibiotics. With gastrointestinal inflammation, the red berries are successfully used: they can protect the gastric mucosa by preventing the bacterium Helicobacter pylori from accumulating on the inside of the stomach and intestines.

In the future, they could also be used in oral hygiene, because the non-stick effect probably works in the mouth and reduces plaque. The biologist Dr. Hyun Koo of Rochester University in New York State found out: Unsweetened cranberry juice prevents caries-causing bacteria from settling on the enamel. What is certain is that cranberries strengthen the gums. So they could be used for the treatment of periodontitis. The active substances contained in the berries reduce the number of bacteria in the mouth.

Cranberries - a health elixir?

Cranberries are rich in antioxidants and can counteract free radicals. Antioxidants are bioactive substances that prevent the reaction with the oxygen in the air (oxidation). They can protect body cells from free radical damage.

Whether the ingredients of the berry also anticarcinogenic is still subject of numerous studies. Dr. Peter Ferguson of the University of Western Ontario published the role of cranberries in the prevention of cancer via the abundant flavonoids in berries. They can prevent the spread of cancer cells. Antioxidants generally inhibit the development of cancer; in laboratory tests, these substances reduce the incidence of cancer. The growth of cancer cells and their metastases is apparently reduced. For now, these are only experiments under laboratory conditions, whether the effects occur in humans, has not been explored.

At Laval University in Quebec, Canada, cranberry flavonoids have been shown to increase "good" HDL cholesterol. According to cardiologist Dr. Charles Couillard HDL value increased by about eight percent. This could help cranberries to protect against arteriosclerosis and cardiovascular disease. Also Dr. Ted Wilson of Winona State University confirmed this - his studies show that cranberries with their high content of antioxidants are heart-protecting.

As medically secured (in the opinion of the ESCOP) * the effectiveness of the medicinal plant in the application areas applies:
* Urinary Tract Infection: Preventive effect in women with recurring infections
* Vitamin C deficiency, scurvy

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