Irish seamoss cut, dried

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Irish Sea Moss, Irish Moss, Carrageen Moss

Irish sea moss is a type of seaweed also known as carrageen moss. It belongs to the red algae family and is mainly found on the Atlantic coast of Europe. It is dark green to tan in color and consists of branched, fern-like leaves that can grow up to 20 cm long.

The seaweed has a rich texture and contains a variety of nutrients such as
• Calcium,
• Magnesium,
• Iron,
• Iodine
• Dietary fiber

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Irish sea moss is rich in various nutrients and in particular contains:

• Calcium: A 100 gram serving of Irish Sea Moss provides approximately 72% of the recommended daily intake of calcium, which is important for strong bones and teeth.
• Magnesium: Irish seamoss also contains magnesium, which is important for the regulation of muscle and nerve function, as well as building bones and teeth.
• Iron: The iron in Irish seamoss is important for the formation of hemoglobin in the blood, which is necessary to carry oxygen around the body.
• Iodine: Irish seamoss also contains iodine, which is needed for healthy thyroid function.
• Fiber: Irish seamoss is high in fiber, which is important for healthy digestion and may help reduce the risk of colon cancer.
• Vitamin K: Irish seamoss also contains vitamin K, which is important for blood clotting and bone formation.

In addition, Irish sea moss also contains lower levels of other nutrients such as vitamin A, B vitamins, vitamin C, zinc and potassium.


Soak the cut sea moss in the water until it becomes soft and jelly-like. Then add to any dishes such as soups, salads, smoothies, stews, baked goods, etc.


Sea moss contains a lot of iodine, so the maximum dosage should be observed: take a maximum of 2-4 tablespoons.

Be careful if you have an overactive thyroid!

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