PowerStrips (TM) FG plasters (patches) 1 big piece

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PowerStrips (TM) FG plasters (patches)

A FG Xpress's PowerStrip (TM) can often relieve pain in minutes and without side effects.
You may feel more body energy and improved concentration.

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PowerStrips (TM) FG plasters (patches)

A FG Xpress's PowerStrip (TM) can often relieve pain in minutes and without side effects.
You may feel more body energy and improved concentration.

FG patch (plaster)

The PowerStrips (TM) plasters can have a supporting effect, e.g .:
- Relieve pain and discomfort without side effects
- reduce the stress level
- purify and detoxify the body
- rid your body of harmful substances
- Optimize your fat burning
You can become more balanced and enjoy a more restful sleep.

Use only externally. Not intended for infants and babies.

The astonishing effects were even reported on TV:

Click here:
TV show on the effect

FGX Powerstrips are approved by the FDA as a class one medical device ("Class1 Medical Device") in pain therapy, which is an award and confirmation of its high effectiveness.

Not only does the PowerStrip show astonishing results in all areas, more and more doctors, naturopaths and sportspeople use it. Every day more positive testimonials arrive where people share their experiences with the product and its remarkable impact.

The Powerstrip is simply stuck on one place for 48 hours or, cut in half, on two places on the body.

The cells in your body extract exactly the nutrients it needs from the patch through the skin. This means that you have more energy during the day, sleep deeper and healthier at night, constantly detoxify your body, stimulate cell renewal, relieve pain, and can concentrate better.

Ingredients of the PowerStrip

The PowerStrips have an inner layer with ingredients that are absorbed by the body through the skin and an outer layer that does not come into contact with the body (hybrid plaster technique).

Inner layer ingredients:

1. Red Korean Ginseng
The inner layer consists of a mixture of fermented red Korean ginseng, which contains 32 different types of saponins, which are known to be therapeutically effective. Ginseng has been used as a remedy in Asian medicine for thousands of years. Red Korean ginseng has long been used as a tonic for more energy and endurance. It has been studied by Western medical science for several decades and has been found to have impressive health benefits for us humans. These include pain relief and improved immune system function, anti-diabetes effects, improved liver function, improved blood pressure, anti-fatigue and anti-stress effects, improved sexual function and anti-aging effects.

2. Marine phytoplankton
According to scientific studies, marine phytoplankton is probably the best food on earth. It contains almost all nutrients, and that in a bioavailable form! Above all, it contains all essential amino acids that the body cannot produce itself. It also contains all the vitamins and minerals that the body absorbs from the PowerStrip as needed, such as Vitamin C, H, B1, B2, B3, B6, B12, E, selenium, zinc, chromium, magnesium, calcium, nickel, glutathione, iron and many minerals and vitamin complexes that are important for our body. Since only what is needed is absorbed through the skin, an excess supply, as is often the case with vitamin and mineral tablets, is almost impossible.

3. Silver
The right amount of colloidal silver and silver ions ensures the effect against viruses, bacteria and fungi. Silver primarily causes the stem cell formation in the body to be accelerated. This means that red blood cells are transformed into stem cells, which can regenerate your tissue in a short time. Silver can kill many different pathogens such as microbes, fungi and viruses quickly and without side effects.

Ingredients of the outer layer:

The outer layer of the PowerStrip reflects the heat waves emitted by the body back into your body, so that there is a strong heat effect. The body's infrared energy increases the temperature of the tissue so that the tissue is better supplied with blood, which provides the cells with more oxygen and more food. With the PowerStrips you can use this energy 24 hours a day.


? more energy and endurance
? more concentration and mental fitness
? Detoxification and purification - for healthier cells
? Support the cardiovascular system
? Reduce stress levels
? healthier sleep
? Strengths of the immune system
? Improve sexual function
? Relief from pain and suffering
? joint problems
? Fat burning
? Circulatory disorders
? A headache
? Chronic pain

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