Wax Ear Candle, extremely long: 30 cm, enough for both ears

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Wax Ear Candle, extremely long: 30 cm, long enough for both ears

The ear candle is so long (30 cm!) that you only need one candle for both ears. A boon for the eardrum, freedom for the ears! Handmade from 100% pure 1A beeswax. The bees graze demonstrably on natural areas, where neither spray poisons nor anything else harmful is used.

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The ear candle is so long (30 cm!) You only need one candle for both ears. A boon for the eustachian tube, freedom for the ears!
Handmade from 100% pure beeswax.
This ear candle burns for 18 minutes(!), this is possible due to the length of 30cm. Therefore, after 9 minutes you can switch to the other ear. It is not necessary to cut the ear candle during burning, because the ear candles burn almost perfectly. Ear candles promote health and general well-being in a relaxing way. The application can be repeated frequently, it gets better every time. Due to the good tolerance, the application is also recommended for children. However, never leave children alone during the application!

Ear candles are a traditional household remedy from different cultures. One often hears about the Indian origin of ear candles. In Austria, ear candles were made until 30 years ago, especially in rural areas by the population itself. They called it at that time "To burn the ears out". The ear candles were made of linen fabric soaked in hot wax, which was wrapped over a wooden spoon.
Quality. Our ear candles are handmade, not machine made. All steps in the process are done carefully and with a lot of experience and intuition. By not using machines, the quality of each ear candle is hand-tested.


Beeswax from organic cultivation, social and sustainable criteria are an important basis here. These principles are applied along the entire production process. Only by paying attention to the many details in the selection of raw materials, it is possible to create a harmonious product.

Especially experienced users are convinced of the quality and properties of our ear candles, there are many NOT recommended ear candles on the market (and even in pharmacies!). This is a natural and honest product, our ear candles are made of beeswax, cotton, a cotton filter and a burn stop made of recycled aluminum. All other ingredients are organically grown. The safe stop of the flame is important, and so we accept this material for the time being. If you have any ideas about an alternative, please write it to us, thank you very much!

The real, pure beeswax is not perfumed or dyed, so the color and sometimes the smell varies due to the natural differences in the wax production of the bees. The cotton fabric is natural, unbleached, undyed, and organically grown, directly from a traditional cotton weaving mill. The raw material cotton is subject to the highest standards (IVN BEST) of the textile industry from the cultivation of the plant to the processing.
Natural cotton means:
- no use of pesticides, insecticides and artificial fertilizers
- no residues in the textiles made from it
- no leaching of the soil by monocultures -protection of groundwater
- no genetically modified varieties
- long-term preservation of the fertility of the soil

Foil & Filter

The foil at the bottom of the candle is for SAFETY. It causes a safe extinguishing of the flame. This strip should not be removed or moved. It is made of IF YOU CARE brand recycled aluminum. Thus, the energy required for its production is reduced by 95%.

An air and heat permeable filter inside the ear candle prevents the deposition of wax vapor inside the ear. The filter should not be pulled out or moved. Please check if the filter inside the ear candle is undamaged before each use.


Our ear candles are not aromatized. Aromatization is not necessary for the effect of the ear candles. However, beeswax eagerly absorbs any scent. Put your ear candle  in a closed container together with your favorite herbs and let the fragrances soak in for about a week. After that, you can use the aromatized ear candle. It is also possible to drip essential oils directly onto the ear candle. But then wait at least 5 minutes before applying the ear candles. This gives the volatile substances time to disperse and eliminates the ignition hazard due to the evaporating substances. We recommend using high-quality essential oils.

Ear candles are not a medicine, they do not replace medical treatment. There are no known side effects.


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